About Us

Tree Thrasher inventor Todd Pringnitz is not your average deer hunter.  Todd’s been bow hunting whitetails for nearly 30 years, and his passion for these animals is borderline psychotic.  You may know Todd from one of his other companies White Knuckle Productions.  WKP produces unique web shows and podcasts that tell some of the best stories in the world of hunting.  Todd’s goal each season is to kill the biggest, oldest buck in his neighborhood; and self-film the experiences he has along the way.


Todd is a product engineer and has been designing and manufacturing a large variety of hunting products over the past 15 years.  He’s founded multiple companies in the hunting industry and has always focused on high quality products that solve problems.  Todd’s goal with the products he designs is simple – give himself and other hunters an advantage in the field.


Over the years Todd developed his own calling style for whitetails.  Something that was unique and was unlike what most hunters were doing.  Todd realized that in-order to call a mature buck into range, you first had to NOT sound like a hunter.  If you spook the animals you are chasing by calling too aggressively with the wrong calls; you simply educate the bucks.  Todd strived to call like a deer actually sounds and to become “one of the herd” so to speak.  While he has had incredible success with his calling techniques over the years, he knew he was missing a tool for calling pressured whitetails.  He saw the need for a different kind of call.  Something that didn’t spook big bucks, or any other deer for that matter.


After watching and documenting hundreds of buck encounters over the years, Todd noticed a consistency in bucks regardless of their age.  When a buck feels safe in an area it makes scrapes, rubs, and “thrashes” trees.  It wants to be heard and communicate with the other deer in the area.  The more aggressive and dominant the buck is, the louder the “thrashing”.  This communication with other deer is done by the sounds they make; and they only make these sounds when they feel safe.


Todd believed that if hunter who could re-produce these thrashing sounds, they could fool bucks into range that would normally be un-callable. He wanted to invent a call that could duplicate (3) specific sounds a bucks makes when it’s making rubs, scrapes, and thrashing trees or saplings..  The sound of rustling dry leaves, breaking branches, and antlers rubbing and slapping trees.  He knew it would work, but designing something that could be easily pack into the field was a different story.


For the past 3 years Todd has been on a mission to build a call unlike anything on the market.  A simple tool that gives the hunter more calling options in the field, based on the conditions of that particular hunt.  Todd designed and developed dozens of Tree Thrasher prototypes and samples and has been testing them over the past several seasons.  Through the testing phase, Todd quickly realized he was onto something.  Not only did the call work on bucks, it worked on all deer!


The Tree Thrasher called bucks, does, fawns, and any deer within hearing distance – right to his tree!  Deer aren’t spooked by the sound of an aggressive deer – if it sounds like a real deer.  All deer are curious and want to know “what’s happening over there?”  Todd found through his testing the call works excellent from both treestands and ground blinds.  In-fact, Todd thrashed a giant 7-1/2 year old buck into 30 yards with the Tree Thrasher this past hunting season when bow hunting from a ground blind.  He also called in dozens of other bucks and does throughout the season that confirmed the Tree Thrasher works, and it’s all on video!


The Tree Thrasher call has evolved and changed through its development process.  The final product is quite an achievement in product design and sound authenticity.  It produces unbelievably realistic sounds including:  The leaf thrash noise, branch breaking, rubbing on tree, and antlers and tines hitting samplings & trees.  It allows the hunter to use a wide variety of calling techniques for any situation or combine with other calls for any situation.  The Tree Thrasher works best when calling “blind”, or when no deer are around.  It pulls deer from all directions, but gives the hunter a huge advantage because they aren’t spooky.  They already know it’s a safe area because a buck is there thrashing trees.


The hunter is in full control of the Tree Thrasher and can make each sound independently, or together for the most realistic whitetail sounds ever produced.  It weighs less than 5 ounces, and is small enough to fit in your pocket.  The Tree Thrasher is the most revolutionary deer call ever produced; and Todd uses it on every hunt of the season in some way.  From ground blind to treestand, the Tree Thrasher works, and you’ll see more deer when using it!


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